January 10, 2016

Rachel Strella

Social Media Management Just Got Better

social media management companyOver the past year, we’ve watched the business of social media evolve. Channels continue to change and each one requiring more specialized and detailed work – more so than ever before. As you can probably guess, it’s made my job as a social media manager challenging.

But, not impossible. In fact, it’s helped to solidify our value as goal-driven social media professionals committed to achieving results for our customers. This is one of many reasons why we’ve customized our pricing for our customers.

At the same time, we continue to receive inquiries from prospects who want easy, click-to-buy packages. They want to know, at eye level, if our day-to-day work would meet their needs – without the intake calls and detailed proposal.

A business must pivot to keep pace with demand.   So, I’m giving our customers and prospects what they want!

We are excited to introduce our first-ever social media management packages, which will allow our customers more flexibility to choose the social media services that will fulfill their needs. This will allow them more control over their efforts, while we work as their partner to sustain a consistent presence.

For our customers who have noticed that time flies by, and week after week their social media page has been silent, we introduce our Bronze package.  We guarantee that your social media platform will reach out to your customers three times a week and you will have a dedicated account manager.  You will continue to have full control of responding to incoming questions or comments.

While the newcomers to hiring social media managers may prefer to begin at Bronze, we are confident that our happy customers will quickly upgrade their social media management to Silver, Gold or Diamond.  These packages relieve you of the customer service responsibility in addition to posting and monitoring to multiple accounts.  The professional account managers at #Strella, guarantee that all interaction will be appropriate and timely and we promise a positive reflection of your company.

You choose.  You click to buy.  Let’s get started!

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