December 13, 2015

Rachel Strella

3 Social Media Truths Relevant to Every Business – Regardless of Industry

social media for small businessI’m often asked for universal tactics or quick tips for business social media. While there is no magic bullet, I have three ‘truths’ that I advise every business – regardless of their goals, their target or their industry.

Humanizing works.
Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but this is SO important!

People form relationships – and relationships are built on trust. Customer loyalty, especially for small businesses, is often tied to the people who work in the business – the people who give that product or service its staying power.

Takeaway: The results speak for themselves. Humanizing a business, especially with photos and videos, have often exceeded reach more than any other organic tactic we’ve tried to implement.

Consistency is crucial.
We’ve seen too many businesses spend time building a snowman to watch that snowman melt.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Use any analogy you want, those who get impatient because of lack of an immediate result do not have a social media mindset. And it will not work for them.

Monumental accomplishments happen with little accomplishments done consistently, over a period of time.

Strive for small wins, build on that momentum, rinse and repeat.

Takeaway: A plan that lacks consistency will lack gains.

Integration and planning go a long way.
Social media does not exist in a silo. It should be incorporated into business operations and existing marketing outlets. This could be as simple as including social media sites on your website, brochures, and business cards.  It could be a campaign to strengthen a marketing strategy such as direct mail push or pay-per-click ads.

With a little planning, a business can excel – regardless of size or location. In one small business, our integrated plan increased their reach by 500% and engagement by 1,300% with one campaign – in just one week!

Takeaway: The more a business can synergize efforts, the better chance of maximizing reach beyond nearly any tactic done with social media, alone.

Those looking for a magic pill to social media success will be hard-pressed to find a golden nugget. But, with these three tips, they are heading in the right direction!

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