April 29, 2018

Rachel Strella

Social Media Success Comes Down to Alignment

social media success

Why do some businesses succeed on social media and others do not? Our results indicate that social media success comes down to one word.  Alignment.

To generate successful outcomes for our clients, the business must align social media with two critical factors.

Business Values
When we work with customers for the first time, we ask a few questions. What is important to your leadership? Your customers? Your team? What is your vision? What are your core values?

Social media marketing can be beneficial if a business values…
- Relationships
- Trust
- Customer service
- Credibility
- Influence

So many ask, ‘where does social media fit?’ The better question is, ‘does social media fit?’

What the business values will determine if social media is a viable marketing tool.

Does a business value the customer or do they value the sale? We’ve encountered far too many organizations that take the time to get the sale, then drop the ball on the customer service. Social media is one of the best ways to nurture existing customers. The problem is that many businesses fail on the delivery side of the sale and lose their potential to grow a customer.

Commitment to Relationships
There is a difference between engaging on social media and using social media platforms for advertising.

Simply put:
- Social Media = Building Relationships
- Advertising on Social Media = Sales

Our company is laser-focused on building long-lasting relationships that increase repeat business, build trust, and generate top of mind awareness when a buying opportunity arises.

I don’t care what business you run, you’re in a relationship business. Yet, many take the approach to social media that omits the very thing that relationships are built on.

Can social media generate leads? Absolutely! And, we can prove it. Should that be the sole goal of social media? Not if you expect those leads immediately and not if it’s your primary lead-generation strategy.

Our company is often compared to those who I consider to be ‘lead-generation machines.’ What people fail to realize is that once they stop using ABC Lead-Generation Machine Company, the leads dry up. However, our work – even if slowed down for a few months – will continue to pay off for years.

Is your company aligned?

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