December 27, 2015

Rachel Strella

Toss the Social Media Predictions

social media predictionsAround this time of year, many spark their bold predictions for the coming year – and social media is no exception.

I do not have any grandiose predictions, because the only thing we know for sure is that social media will change.  The trending channels will change and the technology will change. But the principal remains the same: social media is a communications outlet – a tool by which to build and enhance relationships.

Yet, so many people still cannot grasp this concept. In an average week, I talk to dozens of folks who are either baffled by social media or think it’s some magic pill to cure their business woes.

Are there methods to ensure a business is well-positioned on social media? Sure, or I wouldn’t have a job!

But that doesn’t it mean it has to be rocket science. Get started somewhere – anywhere – and feel your way around. It also doesn’t mean that social media has special powers that will generate immediate revenue. It takes meaningful effort, unwavering consistency, and planned marketing integration. It also takes time.

If I have a wish for 2016, it’s to somehow demystify social media for the masses. It’s easy to drown in overwhelm by the myriad of outlets and tools to employ.  There are also many misguided assumptions about what social media is – and what it can really do for a business.

If we can keep relationships at the core, we are well-suited to figure out the rest. I just hope we can realize this basic concept and get to work because social media is clearly here to stay.

Whether it’s 2016 or 2026, this concept remains: Social media is a relationship-building tool. Change is ever-present, but people are still the same.

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