October 25, 2015

Rachel Strella

The One Social Media Tactic That Works…

Now that #Strella Social Media is back in Harrisburg, we’ve been meeting with all of our local clients to check in with their efforts. We just finished the fourth meeting this past week, which has given us the opportunity to reinforce the one concept that will always be a win on social media…humanizing your brand!

I have not been shy about the importance of showcasing the human side of business, because it works!   Taking the human approach is successful for the simple reason that relationships are built on trust.

For small businesses, customer loyalty is often tied to the people who work in the business – the people who give that product or service its staying power.

Not sure what to share? Try revealing fun facts about the staff, especially the people who work with the customers.  Share what’s going in the business – whether it’s an event, an award, a birthday celebration or even a team member working. Most importantly, try to snap a photo so readers can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

Here’s an example from our client, Blue Chip Federal Credit Union. This picture exceeded views beyond the number of fans on the page.

facebook enagement

We recently shared a short video clip of our client, Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg, tossing around a fake five-pound mass of fat! The video was silly, but it got attention! It, too, exceeded the reach on page. The video was viewed over 500 times in less than two days and the page received 17 new fans, as a result.

facebook video

Camera shy? Don’t be afraid to get creative! Follow the lead of our client, The Victory Bank, by taking a photo of something related to the business along with a snappy caption!

social media for banking

All three examples showcase Facebook fan pages, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.  No matter which channel you use, social media is about people and relationships. Leverage social media as it was intended by incorporating the human element wherever you can.

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4 comments on “The One Social Media Tactic That Works…”

  1. Rachel, As an individualist, I do business with other individuals, not with corporations per se. I am glad that you have showed the human side of social media activities! I am interested to learn more about the Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg business case. I have an idea that I want to discuss with you and the team at the MWLC of Harrisburg.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the support.

      Please feel free to contact our operations director, Nathan Smeal, regarding the idea!


  2. One important correlation of your examples is the business having fun. People, especially during their work day, like to get a smile, have a chuckle, relieve a little stress. When a Social Media post can make one smile they are likely to share it to make someone else smile. I think we can all take our cue from Super Bowl commercials which are EXPENSIVE and rarely ask a viewer to buy anything - rather, the most successful, Super Bowl commercials get people laughing and talking about them for days. And talking is good for the brand.

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