How to Reach Influencers on Social Media

Rachel Strella  -  Feb 23, 2014  -  , , , , ,  -  4 Comments
A unique advantage of social media is the opportunity to reach out directly to influencers and form a relationship. An influencer is a leader; someone who carries clout in an industry.  For example, Guy Kawasaki may be considered a top sales influencer or Suze Orman, a top financial influencer. Making

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5 Quick Sources of Social Media Content

Rachel Strella  -  Nov 10, 2013  -  , ,  -  1 Comments
As social media manager, I spend the majority of my day writing content for client social media sites and blogs.  Most of our clients send us information about their business, which helps us with the process of developing content. However, there are also a good number of times when we

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Twitter in Crisis: This Deaf Woman’s “Best Friend”

Rachel Strella  -  Sep 22, 2013  -  , , ,  -  6 Comments
This week is National Deaf Awareness Week. Some of you may know that I have a hearing disability, which has affected my life in ways the written word cannot justify. I give credit to those who don’t let their disability prevent them from accomplishing amazing things, including today’s guest blogger,

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Take Twitter to the Next Level

Rachel Strella  -  May 26, 2013  -  , , ,  -  No Comments
Last week, I taught my first-ever Twitter 201 workshop at Central Penn College. The workshop registrants consisted of both Twitter 101 attendees and Twitter users who wanted to go beyond the basics of Twitter. We touched on the following areas of Twitter advancement: Finding a niche and voice Leveraging content,

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