August 11, 2019

Rachel Strella

Social Media Explained?

social media explained

I’ve been developing a blog post for several weeks that I hope to release next Sunday (it’s juicy, so wait for it!). In the meantime, I was thinking about what to write for this post when Jennifer suggested a blog topic generator. I’ve known they exist, but it seems I’m never void of topic ideas – rather, I need the headspace to write that topic thoughtfully. Truthfully, I probably overthink a lot of what I write about, so maybe I did need a fresh idea? Out of pure curiosity, I decided to give the topic generator a try. One suggestion piqued my interest, “Social Media Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters.” Now, that’s a topic I will be sure not to overthink. How hard can it be?

Leave it to me to be bothered by the fact that they are referencing Twitter, which now has a limit of 280 characters.  Given my overzealous nature to do the topic justice, I decided to write a post using both character-limits. Here it goes…

Social Media Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters (Twitter: circa 2006-2017)

Social media is a communications outlet – a tool by which to build and enhance relationships.

Social Media Explained in Fewer than 280 Characters (Twitter: November 2017-current)

The trending channels will change. The technology will change. But the principle remains the same: social media is a communications outlet – a tool by which to build and enhance relationships. #RIP140characters #changeisconstant #canyoutellIhavebeendoingthistoolong


Your turn! How would you explain social media in fewer than 140 (or 280) characters?

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