August 25, 2013

Rachel Strella

3 Common Twitter Complaints and What to Do about Them

While social media has made our personal and business connecting much faster and more twitter helprefined, it’s not without a host of challenges. We’ve encountered more issues with Twitter than other social sites, but we’ve also found a few solutions to help navigate them. If you’ve ever experienced a Twitter hiccup, I hope this blog will provide with you some useful tips for getting back up and ‘tweeting!’

#1: Too Many Inbox Messages

Thanks to software that creates automated direct messages, it’s not uncommon to have a ton of lingering Twitter messages in your inbox. You may have found that there is no way to select all of them and delete them in Twitter – you have to do so one at a time. Fortunately, we’ve found a free solution –DMCleaner. Simply connect your account and start deleting!

#2: Account Suspension

Because Twitter has a significant number of spammers, the company is not afraid to suspend accounts that could be in violation of their best practices. It’s disheartening to log into your account and see it’s been suspended.  The primary reason this happens is that the Twitter user is following too many people at one time, especially on accounts that are relatively new and do not have an established following.  As soon as you find out the account is suspended, you’ll have the option to learn more. Click that option and appeal the suspension. Most importantly, however, you MUST check your email and respond to the email Twitter sends you regarding the appeal.

#3: Spam Followers

Earlier this year, one of our clients suspected that he may have spam followers. When we checked his account, we discovered he did, in fact, have spam followers – 33,000 of them. If you suspect you have a spam following or even if you just want to check, you can use tools such as Fake Follower Check and Manageflitter. You’ll be prompted to connect your account in which you will need to upgrade to remove spam followers. The upgrade to remove followers is generally in the range of $5-$15 per month (with the option to cancel at any time), but that’s a small price to pay to assure you have a quality following.

These are just three of dozens of Twitter issues we encounter frequently. Have you ever had a Twitter hiccup and found that the company was less than helpful? Share it here!

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