March 17, 2013

Rachel Strella

The Perfect Tool For Unlocking Twitter’s Potential

Of all the social media channels, Twitter is the most difficult to understand and use, especially for those who are unfamiliar with other popular forms of social media.

Words like “hashtag,” “re-tweet” and “handle” can seem like a mysterious foreign language, and the 140-character limit makes using Twitter even more challenging. These factors keep many from using Twitter and leveraging the amazing potential it offers for reaching new audiences to promote your business, organization or worthy cause.

That’s the main reason I’ve teamed up with six other social media Unlock Twitter’s Potentialprofessionals from across the globe to develop the Social Media Jump Start Kit. All of us believe wholeheartedly in the power of social media, and we wanted to create simple, yet thorough learning tools that could help social media newbies get past their fear of the unknown. We also wanted to provide useful knowledge to help current social media users take their efforts to the next level.

It’s no accident that we chose Twitter as our first module (which is available starting today, and we will release new modules about other channels throughout the spring and summer).

Twitter currently has the most buzz of any of social media channel. In fact, Facebook just announced a new initiative to implement hashtags into its functionality.  This proves just how influential Twitter is in terms of modern day communications.

Although Twitter is difficult to understand at first, it offers the greatest potential for quickly attracting a big audience and forming relationships with industry experts that were never before possible.

Recently, I followed the legendary Carrie Wilkerson on Twitter after reading her book The Barefoot Executive. Within minutes, Carrie followed me back. Who knows? Maybe I’ll send her a tweet about my takeaways from the book, which could lead to us having a conversation that spurs a friendship. It happened exactly like that with Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Social Boom, who is now my friend and mentor.

This type of access to experts, celebrities and new markets has never been available before. But thanks to Twitter, amazing opportunities are right at our fingertips.

In fact, one of the first ways I connected with the author of our Twitter Twitter Expertmodule – Katie Wilber – was by using Twitter. I doubt we would have built the relationship we have if Twitter didn’t exist.

Katie, a mother of four, has over 30,000 Twitter followers and several products on the market. Her business is appropriately named The Marketing Momma, and she is living proof that anyone – even stay-at-home mothers - can build a business by leveraging the power of social media.

I’m honored that she has partnered with us to develop our Twitter module, our first in a series of six social media modules. It’s the perfect tool for unlocking Twitter’s enormous potential. Let Katie explain how and why Twitter is the perfect tool for YOU! Order her Twitter module today!

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