July 23, 2023

Rachel Strella

What Planning a Trip to Italy & Managing Social Media Have in Common

Social media

Imagine getting ready for a long vacation to a faraway place you’ve never been before. 

You have no idea what to pack, you haven’t booked your flights or hotel, and you leave at the end of the week. Panic sets in as you frantically scramble to find a nice place to stay in a (hopefully) safe, well-connected part of town and get last-minute flights that you pay way too much for. You haven’t left yet, and you’re already exhausted as well as overpacked and underprepared. 

Contrast that with booking the same vacation — months in advance — with someone who lives in the city you’re visiting. You get the best possible flights, stay in a sweeping villa, and have everything you need, thanks to a carefully crafted packing list tailored for your itinerary, the weather, and mid-day nap breaks. You have a pre-planned schedule of the most exciting activities in town — including some local festivals you had never heard of before. You can’t wait for your excursion to begin! 

This is the difference between managing your social media accounts alone and working with #Strella. We take over the entire creative process (not just creating and posting content for you.) We handle editorial preparation, strategy, graphic design, hashtag research, and big-picture planning. We monitor trends to keep you relevant and loop you in whenever we need your input — such as for an answer to a question or access to your team for a behind-the-scenes video. 

We pull out all the stops so your business can feel more like a day on a Tuscan beach and less like a day spent on the phone with TSA tracking down your lost luggage.

See our team of creative experts in action! Watch this video to learn how we work with our clients to create winning social media strategies. 

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