August 29, 2021

Rachel Strella

#Strella: What We Do


People often ask me what #Strella Social Media does, so I thought it would be a good idea to address that question in this post! 

In the book “Same Side Selling,” the authors talk about a concept called “One Hundred Pennies of Trust.” The idea is that a prospect comes to you with 100 “pennies of trust” to allocate for your services. It’s a finite resource, so you must figure out where those pennies of trust should be spent.

An Exercise in Focus

A prospect will not believe that you can do everything well, so think about, “What do we do best?”

Here’s a breakdown of how I want clients’ pennies of trust allocated across #Strella’s core services. 

  • 25 pennies –  Editorial planning, content development, and posting
  • 25 pennies – Monitoring/engagement (community management)
  • 25 pennies – Creative development (images, design, video editing)
  • 20 pennies – Consulting 
  • 5 pennies – Paid advertising

Do you see how the pennies work together to create a holistic social media experience? That was intentional, of course. 

Why Working With #Strella Means Pennies Well Spent

At #Strella, thanks to our team of specialized contractors, we have expertise in all areas critical to social media marketing success.

We’ve developed a few brief videos to showcase the services we offer and demonstrate how your pennies of trust spent with us are a smart investment. Watch now!

I Want To Spend Pennies With #Strella!
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