December 17, 2023

Laney Goff

Social Sesh: The Hidden Costs of Managing Your Social Media In-House

Social media management

As a seasoned social media management company, #Strella Social Media has held countless Zoom meetings with prospective clients. In many of those meetings, we’ve  heard something like, “We have Jenny from HR handling our social media." 

I'm not here to rain on anyone's parade, but I need to be honest with you. Jenny from HR isn't cutting it, my friend. If I had to guess, sweet Jenny is overwhelmed, underpaid, and probably unqualified to create content that’s on-brand and compelling. 

Sadly, many businesses are failing miserably with their social media efforts because they believe giving the responsibility to someone in-house (whether Jenny, Joey, Janelle, or James…) is the most cost-effective solution. Even though there may be no direct out-of-pocket costs to task an employee with social media duties, there’s a price to pay when that individual doesn’t have the time, correct skill set, and experience to use social media to impact your reputation and bottom line positively.

Three Ways In-House Social Media Management May Be Costing You

1. Lackluster Growth and Engagement

So, Jenny posts cat memes and puppy videos on her personal Facebook profile. Does that make her a social media expert? Not by a long shot. 

Effective social media marketing goes beyond knowing how to post photos and use hashtags. It requires understanding your target audience, crafting engaging content, analyzing metrics, and staying updated on ever-evolving algorithms. It involves adapting your approach to customers’ preferences and technological changes. 

Does Jenny's personal Facebook activity provide evidence she possesses that depth of expertise? Likely not. 

2. Team Burnout

Jenny's daily to-do list is already overflowing with HR tasks. Adding social media to her (very full) plate is like asking me to jump more than a quarter of an inch off the ground — it's doable, but there will be repercussions. 

As Jenny struggles to keep up, she’ll make mistakes, become frustrated, fall behind, and feel overwhelmed and underappreciated. Moreover, her less-than-stellar performance and attitude can directly affect your business’s reputation and ultimately its financial results. 

3. Missed Opportunities

One of the arguments I hear for keeping social media management in-house vs. working with proven professionals is: "Social media management companies are too pricey; we can't fit them into our budget." 

If you’re of the same mindset, have you considered the opportunities you might miss by having an in-house employee half-heartedly manage your social media efforts? Sure, you’re not paying them beyond their regular salary, but you’re also not getting a return on their time spent tending to your social platforms. 

Without a social media manager who understands what content your prospective clients and existing customers will find valuable and who is proactive in responding to comments and messages, your company may be losing trust and leaving money on the table.

Want a Better Bottom Line? Work with a Social Media Management Company.

With a dedicated social media management company, your in-house team can focus on its core responsibilities — i.e., Jenny can concentrate on what you hired her to do. As a result, efficiency soars, productivity rises, and everyone stays in their "zone of genius," making your entire operation more streamlined and effective.

So, scrap the notion that tight budgets are roadblocks. Let Jenny stay in her lane and put social media where it belongs — in the hands of the pros.

When you enlist #Strella Social Media to manage your social media, you benefit from our expertise in implementing an effective strategy, reaching the right audience, and boosting your business. You get someone fully committed to making your social media presence successful. Our heads and our hearts are in it at all times as we help you build your brand online, reach new prospects, and strengthen relationships with your existing customers. 

Invest in your brand and reap the rewards! Contact us to discuss how we can help your business grow. 

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