April 24, 2016

Lauren Galli

Rules for Polite Conversation on Social Media

social mediaIt’s an election year, which means controversial conversations abound. While in the company of friends, you might feel comfortable to speak freely on certain topics, but in daily conversation, it’s troublesome. And it’s even more important to remain cautious of the opinions shared on social media, especially if you’re trying to gain credibility for your business.

People often believe their business accounts and personal accounts are completely separate, but this isn’t always the case.  Someone is watching – and that someone probably knows someone else, who could be your customer or prospective customer.  Here are some topics to avoid on your personal social media accounts.

Politics. I know, it’s tempting. We want to shout support (or disapproval) of a candidate from the rooftops!  However, not everyone shares your opinion and could find your political commentary somewhat polarizing.  Think about it, if you’re supporting the guy everyone seems to loathe, your potential customers could feel the same way, and decide not to give you their business.

Religion. Whether you’re a lively Christian or a proud atheist, keep it off of Facebook. If you’re posting horrific anti-religion memes for a good joke, you could be pushing away potential clients with strong beliefs. If you’re constantly posting Christian nuggets of wisdom, this can also force people out, as many people don’t wish to be preached to outside of the church.

Alcohol. While posting yourself enjoying an occasional glass of wine, or even a fruity drink on a Caribbean island is mostly harmless, consistent photos of your drunken escapades are not. If you’re the person that is consistently claiming to be hungover, people are going to start to question your ability to do your job.

Relationship Drama. Much like it real life, your relationship crisis gets really old on social media.  Keep it simple, and shut up about it.  Your wishy-washy stance on your relationship on your personal page translates as a flighty business owner.  If a personal believes you can’t be trusted to make good decisions in your personal life, they’re not going to trust you in business.

Every decision you make as a business owner, whether in your personal life or not, can impact your bottom line.  My message is simple: think before you post!

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2 comments on “Rules for Polite Conversation on Social Media”

    1. This may be the best avenue of approach for some people, but I think avoidance is best for those who are unable to control themselves on social media.

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