January 12, 2014

Rachel Strella

Social Selling: Know Your Brand

selling on social media

My friend and web partner, John Webster, loves to challenge me. In fact, we engage in frequent debates on issues related to marketing and business.   John’s a fan of metrics – and he’s very good at using them to show clients how they are achieving the ROI they seek.

I thought he would be pleased when I recently told him about the high click-through rate in my most recent ezine, which explained the new Facebook algorithm changes.

John applauded the results, but asked how I plan to leverage that traffic. He suggested that I send a follow-up email to those who clicked and offer services related to the three articles.

Yes, why didn’t I think of that?

So I considered what I could offer that would be of value. I have some products, but none that address the most recent social media changes. I could also offer some private or group Facebook coaching sessions, but I know that will require time that I don’t have at the moment.  Rachel, how did you not have the foresight to think of a strategic way to transition these leads to a possible sale?

Wait a second…

I’ve been to conferences where hosts spend half the time trying to sell me.  In my early days, I even followed their advice to ‘make an offer’ as I ramped up my sales pitches in speaking engagements, webinars and newsletters. I was unsuccessful.  I also lost a number of followers and subscribers.  And while there is merit to this tactic for some brands, it’s not for me. My business brand is not sales-orientated. It’s based on service and partnerships.

When I meet with prospective clients for the first time, I ask them about their goals for social media. They often tell me they want to ‘get more clients and get more money.’ But, that’s not a goal. That’s an outcome. A goal encompasses things like: driving website traffic, increasing visibility and brand awareness, establishing credibility or generating audience engagement.

All of which I accomplished with my recent e-zine. And, all of which are my goals. I have said this many times before, but it’s worth repeating: offer valuable information that addresses the needs of your audience and they will be naturally attracted to your brand!  That attraction is the foundation of the know/like/trust, which can eventually lead to sales.

I, too, am a fan of numbers, which is why I review the data from the ezine.  However, I believe that if you focus too much on raw numbers, you may not be focused enough on building a brand that sets you apart and remains true to your values.

I appreciate John’s inquiries because he continues to keep me on my toes. But, I am not going to worry about leaving leads on the table. I will worry when my audience no longer cares.

Where does your brand stand?

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