LinkedIn for Small Business: 4 Ways to Build Your Brand

Clients often ask us if LinkedIn should be used from an individual account or from theLinkedIn for business company page.  Because sites like Facebook have us thinking that business professionals should interact and connect on a business page, many assume that this formula applies across all social media channels.  When it comes to LinkedIn, a different set of rules apply. Here’s why I believe a small business should focus on individual account interaction rather than a company page.

1. LinkedIn was established as a professional medium, which eliminates blurring lines of the ‘personal’ side that’s a hallmark of sites like Facebook. This means that, unless you’re using the site incorrectly, it should be a business-centric channel.

2. LinkedIn is an opportunity to showcase a strong personal and professional brand.  As people, we relate more with other people than with brands or logos. This is an opportunity for small businesses to use LinkedIn for one-on-one interaction and break down the corporate barriers to allow for a stronger personal connection.

3. While some social media professionals disagree, I believe a LinkedIn company profile should be more of a static resource page rather than a place to interact with other professionals. It’s essential to have a company profile – and to link your individual profile to it – but it’s duplicate work to build followers and create content for the profile, as well. Small businesses may not have the time or energy to do both.

4. For those who have more than one person in their company, they can use LinkedIn to reinforce their brand message. I recommend that everyone on the team – especially managers and executives – have a LinkedIn profile and engage with their connections by offering consistent, valuable content on their individual newsfeeds.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for small business professionals and B2B marketers. These tips should help to maximize the benefits offered through this channel.

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  1. Right on, Rachel! I agree with everything you shared here. And I particularly like that you emphasized how Linkedin – if used well – can be effective for brands in building personal connections with followers. With “real people” from a company interacting and representing the brand, Linkedin allows for conversations with something other than a logo. That makes companies so much more approachable!

    • Rachel Strella Says: September 30, 2013 at 7:56 am

      The word ‘approachable’ is the best way to describe it. It’s so important that we do business with ‘people’ not just brands!

  2. I must admit I haven’t used LinkedIn that much but your post is the catalyst for making me dust off the ol’ LinkedIn profile and get to work.

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