August 13, 2023

Rachel Strella

Why Rich Content Is Vital to Your Social Media Strategy

Rich content

Many professionals and businesses dive right into the world of social media platforms, often overlooking a key fundamental for success — rich content. 

What Is Rich Content and Why Is It Beneficial?

"Rich content" implies content that goes deeper than a mere tweet or an image posted on short-form content distribution channels like social media. The three primary sources of rich content include blogs, podcasts, and video series. What makes them “rich” is that the content offers both depth and breadth — i.e., substance and scope — to captivate your audience. They are the best places to showcase your expertise, build authority, and nurture trust among your followers.

I recommend using at least one source of rich content. Select one format you feel most comfortable with because you’ll be more likely to maintain it consistently. Personally, I prefer writing, and I’ve kept this blog active for 13 years. I recently also embarked on a podcasting venture, which has diversified my content offerings. And by featuring some of my episodes here on the blog, I’ve synergistically expanded my podcast audience.  

Another reason to consider using rich content sources is that they often reside on owned rather than rented land. In other words, you typically retain ownership or rights to your content, irrespective of external factors. Consider this: If you channel all your energies into platforms like TikTok or Instagram, and those platforms shut down, you’ll lose all your content on those sites. Conversely, if you invest your efforts into a blog or podcast, you generally possess ownership of your account and its assets on the blogging platform (WordPress, for example) or podcasting platform (such as Buzzsprout). Your content remains secure as long as you sustain your hosting or subscription commitments.

A Time and Effort Investment That Pays Off

While it's true that cultivating a rich content source demands more time and energy compared to a fleeting social media channel, it is an investment in a long-term content strategy that reaps rewards over time. I can vouch for this firsthand. I've been actively blogging for over a decade, addressing topics of significance to readers and conveying my message through social media and syndication. My content has fostered an engaged community, dramatically increased my search engine rankings, and given me national — and even international — exposure. All of that has helped me attract customers from all over the country. 

Even if your target demographic is local in nature, you can leverage keyword groupings and subjects of interest in rich content to attract followers in your target audience and deliver content that matters to them. 

Go Rich or Go Home

In the oversaturated online world, the foundation of rich content gets overlooked all too often. Don’t dismiss or underestimate its potential! Blogs, podcasts, and video series cultivate expertise, authority, and trust — all essentials for a successful brand. If you’re willing to commit to developing and maintaining a source of rich content, you will insulate yourself from the risks of putting all your eggs in the fleeting platforms basket. Moreover, you will enjoy the long-term benefits of expanded awareness and a loyal follower base.

Your turn! What forms of rich content do you use? How has it benefited you?

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