July 2, 2023

Rachel Strella

Embracing New Horizons with the #LightHerProject Podcast


It’s official – I’m a podcaster, adding yet another rich content source to my existing repertoire, which includes this blog.

My co-host, Vixen Divine, and I have recorded four episodes of the #LightHerProject podcast — and we’ll continue creating new episodes every two weeks. 

The podcast is targeted at women (hence our motto, “real women, real talk”), but we’ve also attracted fans of both sexes and of diverse ages. 

Each episode builds on the next, and our audience helps to determine future topics. You’ll find all four recorded episodes below, along with specific feedback from listeners. If you haven’t tuned in yet, I encourage you to join us! We’ve got something for everyone! 

The #LightHerProject Podcast: Keeping It Real! Episodes

Episode 1: Body Image & Our Imagination

So many women struggle with body image issues. In this episode, we discuss our own experiences and insecurities and delve into why women feel such immense pressure to achieve an ideal shape, size, or number on the scale.  

Listener feedback: “I really enjoyed it! I loved that you said sometimes a donut can be self-care... so true.” – Jenn B.

Episode 2: Assertive Women & Their “Bitch” Label

In this episode, we explore why some women struggle with assertiveness, the difference between assertiveness and negativity, and the top five things women do that sabotage their power. We also discuss some Reddit threads including: Am I The Asshole (AITA).

Listener feedback: “OMG, I am cracking up! Loved it!!! I just listened to the part where she's talking about women saying we are sorry all the time... and how we say it but don't always mean it... and she says, ‘I apologize for all the people I told I'm sorry... I meant that at the time.’” – Jennifer H. 

Episode 3: Navigating Balance Through Chaos

What does balance look like and how do we know when we're out of balance? We share our own answers to these questions in this episode. Also, we discuss how to align your systems with your spouse and other people in your life and the ways people use social media as a cry for help.  

Listener feedback: “This podcast was so good! It's all applying to my life so much right now. I have like 7,000 thoughts and times I wanted to jump in the screen to put my two cents in” – Anna D.

Episode 4: Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents is a topic near and dear to us. In this episode, we share our personal stories as well as insight into options for long-term care, the role of siblings in caretaking, and ways to care for yourself while caring for others. 

Listener feedback: “I like how you kept using the word ‘sustainability.’ I think that is SO key! Sometimes, we do have to be in survival mode, and that's okay. But you can't do it forever. You have to figure out a way to, eventually, get into a routine so that you can keep going in a way that's healthy for everyone, but mostly for you. Also, love the AITA segments. Great stuff!” – Ella G. 

What’s Next?

Our next episode will discuss the ever-sensitive topic of aging. We’ll feature our first round of guests, from different age groups, to offer their perspectives on the topic. You won’t want to miss it! Until then, keep it real!

Real women, Real talk! 

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