August 14, 2022

Rachel Strella

Five Community Management Tips

Community Management

One of the fundamentals of social media is “being social,” which requires effective and timely management of your online community. As mentioned in my previous post, Why Community Management is Critical to Your Social Media Success, active community management to engage followers and build relationships is how you will develop brand loyalty and trust with your audience. Social media usage continues to grow and evolve, which is changing the way that people interact with your brand. Questions, experiences, complaints, and opinions can be shared instantly on social platforms while tagging your brand in the conversation and sharing it with large groups of people.

This new landscape makes it ever more important that you are present and engaged with your audience online. Having a dedicated community manager who is vigilant in watching for notifications will take part in these conversations to ensure that your followers are responded to in a timely and appropriate manner, which will increase confidence in your brand.

What is a Qualified Community Manager?

Your community manager represents you and your voice online, so it is important that he or she can interact in a way that portrays your brand’s values. Community managers have a natural interest in helping others, they’re customer-oriented and extremely responsive. Karen Try, Lead Community Manager for #Strella, says, “It is always a big responsibility to speak on behalf of others and that is what we are doing with community engagement on social media. The secret ingredient is that we care. We care about the client, and we care about the fans. We want to have conversations with them and listen to their comments. It is heartwarming to build these relationships.”

How should you communicate with your audience?

Jenn Barnes, Community Manager for #Strella, shares her Top 5 Community Management Tips on how to best communicate with your audience and keep them engaged. Click the link below to watch the video.

Not every business has the qualified staff or the adequate time to perform community management successfully on its own. If your company is struggling to engage, respond, and build relationships on social media, I welcome the opportunity to explore how the #Strella team can help.

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