November 6, 2019

Rachel Strella

Community Engagement: Central to Social Media Management

Community Engagement

Social media is a two-way form of communication, not a broadcast outlet (as some treat it). At #Strella Social Media, we understand this which is why we are dedicated to the customers’ customers! We make sure every person is responded to on social media and that they receive timely answers to their inquiries.  This is what sets us apart from other social media companies who simply post content and allow people in-house to manage the engagement.

Community EngagementI’m delighted to share an expert Q&A with Karen Try, our #Strella community manager.  Find out what it’s like in this role in this BTS interview with Karen!

What is a community manager? How is it different from a social media manager?

My role involves more ‘people’ and less of the mechanics of the social media platforms. The goal for a community manager is to engage with the audience, even to the point of conversation while encouraging others to join the conversation with their feedback. This is an authentic and sincere engagement where feedback is taken seriously and often redirected back to the client.

What kind of skills are required to be an effective community manager?

Customer service training and experience have been very important for representing clients in their community. Fans want to be heard and acknowledged. A good community manager will make sure they receive a response and, if applicable, thanked for their contribution. At all times, it is important to keep front of mind, and that responses are on behalf of the client and should clearly represent their voice.

Is there anything about being a #Strella community manager that differs from other businesses you work with?

Yes. #Strella spends a great deal of time researching and understanding the client and develops strategy and goals with the client before any engagement takes place. Therefore, at the point of interacting with the fans, this has already been established. There is no guesswork.

What do you love about being a community manager?

I genuinely care about customer satisfaction and resolving misunderstandings or dissatisfaction. In this fast-paced world of information overload, I love to answer questions correctly and show appreciation to the audience for supporting the client.

What are the most rewarding moments in your role as a community manager?

As I strive to make that connection with community it is very rewarding to receive private messages from fans who wish to share their personal journeys, questions, gratitude and sometimes anxiety away from the public. As they reach out privately, I take every message seriously because, in each comment and incident of truly engaging, I never forget that I am representing the client and this is a valuable person who is taking the time and making the effort to connect. Reactions often include surprise from the audience and there is always a final comment of appreciation from them that they have contacted a real person. That is rewarding for me.

Our core values of service and relationships emulate this principal. Learn more about #Strella in this video!

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