June 16, 2019

Rachel Strella

#Strella Social Media: Our Story

Strella Social Media

If you’re like me, you might not feel comfortable on camera – especially on video. Luckily, I have a great team of people who push me to get outside of my comfort zone. Such was the case when our creative lead, Alex, suggested we film a professional video of the business. And, she was right. It was time.

We had a few hurdles to overcome. Some of the questions that we had to answer included: How do we showcase our virtual team? How could we influence our clients to participate and share what it’s like to work with us? How could we get me to feel comfortable, rather than deer-in-highlights on camera? Where would we film?

Leave it to Alex to ask me my goals for the video, which helped to answer some of these questions. Here were my goals.

Showcase ‘me.’ I’m often chained to my desk, so some folks don’t get a chance to see me on camera. I need them to see me since I am the face of the company. But, I also will admit this doesn’t come naturally for me and that I’m only doing what I advise my customer to do – and get out of our comfort zone! We decided we wanted this to be authentic, so we filmed in my home office!

Explain the advantages of outsourcing social media. Our company is comprised of highly specialized contractors with the passion and expertise to manage an array of social media outlets in a variety of industries. We decided to ask one remote client and one local client to talk about the advantages of outsourcing to our company. 

Share what makes #Strella unique. Our core values are central to our operations. They were structured to help our customers feel at ease trusting us with their brand – even if they’ve never met us. Everyone on the team embodies these values – and because of my confidence in them, I was able to speak naturally on camera!

I’m thankful for my team who contributed their remote video clips and supported the efforts while we decided how we wanted to share our story.  I am also grateful for my clients who participated in the video – Jameson Olsen of BYUB and Lauren Kropa & Dr. Paul Baughman from Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg. Finally, a shout-out to Fran Masciantonio of FX Digital Media for his patience with me – and his incredible talent. He knew how to tell our story in a way that really gives folks an authentic flavor of our company.

Here’s our story

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