May 19, 2019

Rachel Strella

What Are You Selling?


What are you selling? How will it transform my organization? Why should I buy it from you?

These are the three questions I was instructed to answer (from the infamous, John Webster) as I develop the fresh copy for the home page of my website.  Can you answer those questions about your own business? If so, I would love to see your responses, because I am struggling to fulfill this assignment in a way that will hook users who come to my site for the first time.

After wrestling with this copy for over two months, including how I ‘bait the hook’ for the service, I find myself at a loss.

How do you sell something that many people are unaware that they need it? How do you showcase that it will transform their organization when they don’t think need they need it? And why buy it, at all - let alone from me - when they don’t know they need it, so I can’t prove it will transform their organization?

Overthinking it? Maybe. Maybe not.

Why Is It Easier To Sell What We Don’t Do?

Have you ever felt it was easier to sell something for someone else than for yourself? I find it all the time. Heck, if John asked me to write his web copy, I am certain I could do that in less than an hour. And nail it!

In fact, I’m convinced most people can sell their products or services better than anyone in my industry.

Why am I struggling so much? Well, for starters, I don’t make false promises. If I make a guarantee or even if I ‘bait’ someone, I stand behind that statement.

I won’t guarantee you’ll acquire 10,000 followers or go viral. I won’t guarantee increased website traffic or qualified leads. In fact, I won’t even guarantee that anyone will care about what you say, should your message reach anyone listening. Ouch!

What Do Values Have To Do With It?

So, why hire me? What am I selling - and why would you buy it from me?

I can only answer those questions by stating what I do know.  I am the most credible and qualified social media professional you’ll ever hire because everyone on our team embodies our values.

Service. You will have someone dedicated to your business, as much – sometimes, even more – than you are. We will take your customers into consideration as much as our own; your customers are our customers. We offer customizable, personalized service with outcomes that are important to you. No cookie cutter fluff. You won’t see pricing packages on our website because everything we do is custom-built to meet the customers’ needs.

Communication. We are accessible to our clients. Some people who look for social media help might be reluctant to outsource because they wonder about our availability. I would argue that we are even more dedicated because we don’t stop when it’s 5:00 pm – in any time zone.

Commitment to Excellence. We limit the number of customers we work with so we can deliver premier quality to those who are dedicated to our partnership. That means you are our priority. We have a team of specialized contractors who are experts in specific facets of the business such as writing, design, community management, and analytics.

Relationships. Social media marketing is relationship marketing. Because of this, we pay close attention to ensure messaging is in alignment with our customers’ brand and voice. We advise our customers to incorporate the human element in their marketing efforts as we know that relationships are built on trust.

What are you selling? How will it transform my organization? Why should I buy it from you?

It is challenging to summarize the scope of our personalized service by answering three questions. If I had to, it would look something like this: I am selling what will get you closer to your goals. I will transform your organization because you’ll have a team of experts to hold you accountable for doing your part. You’ll buy it from me because – with the previous objective fulfilled – you will get results. (I am still not sure on my ‘bait’ for the service, but I am open to suggestions from my readers)!

How would you answer these questions for your business?

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3 comments on “What Are You Selling?”

  1. Rachel: I have been struggling with this topic for some time. As a former purchaser, I am "allergic" to sales pitches and fluff talk. I will link to your post on my "last" site. On "Tea Party dot Media" I will present my interest in tea and what I am offering as a new media advisor and social media evangelist. I got an aha-moment when I started to listen to Cal Newport's book, Digital Minimalism. I will show that less is more and how you could become a "digital essentialist"... 😉

    Best Premises,


    1. Now that's an interesting concept. Huh!

      Well I know I will get there. It's been so cathartic just to write about it. Thanks for consistently reading my work and taking the time to write thoughtful feedback.

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