March 19, 2017

Rachel Strella

Outsourcing Social Media? Here’s How to Make It Work

Outsourcing social media

In my last blog, I shared why we can’t help a business that won’t help themselves. I was speaking specifically about the clients who don’t take our advice – or those who selectively work with us. I find the best clients – the ones who actualize results by outsourcing social media – are those who consider us their partner.  And, they all have one thing in common… a result to achieve! Yes, they have goals.

Here are some examples…

Goal: Increase following and expand reach

How they did it: Contests, of course. They created a contest – spent a few dollars to boost it and watched the results! Share contests – sometimes combined with asking for a comment – are most popular.

Client example: Bellco Federal Credit Union

Outsourcing social media

Goal: Accelerate the know/like/trust process

How they did it: They share themselves.  Show who you are, not just what you sell!  People do business with those they know, like and trust. The best way to accelerate that process is to share yourself, especially service-based businesses. You can do this with an in-action photo or a video, as you see in the example.

Client example: John Dame

Outsourcing social media

Goal: Drive website traffic

How they did it: The number one way our clients drive website traffic is by maintaining a consistent blog and sharing that content on social media sites.  Of course, it’s not always this easy, but it’s a great start if you can make it relevant and make it move! The example shows the difference in website traffic since the steady resurgence of blogging.

Client example: Horst Construction

Goal: Position yourself as an authority (expert) in your field

How they did it: Every business is different, but for some, you must be willing to toot your own horn! For this reason, it’s critical to find ways to distribute your brand. For our clients, we’ve achieved these goals through content syndication and interviews in industry-relevant publications. The example is from a client who is an estate planning attorney in three states. His blog was picked up as a monthly column by an industry publication and he just recently completed an interview as a segment to the publication.

Client example: The Law Offices of Leonard F. Baer

Outsourcing social media

There is a lot of unknown about the social media world, but I’m not going to let the phrase ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’ serve as an excuse. Hopefully, offers an example of how to make outsourcing social media work for you.

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