October 30, 2019

Rachel Strella

The Power of Relationships


Last week, I traveled to Brigham Young University Broadcasting (BYUB) in Provo, Utah to attend meetings with their marketing team about social media for next year. As I mentioned in a previous post, my goal was to use the time I had with the team to discuss the importance of relationships.

I decided to share a story about one of the contestants of Relative Race. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it’s a reality-based program that features four teams who travel across the country in search of relatives. They have an allotted time to travel (with no GPS or smartphone), they must complete a challenge and then arrive at the house of a new relative each day of the ten-day journey. Ultimately, one team will receive a grand prize of $50,000 – thus the ‘race.’

The contestant who reached out to me was Jenn – a member of Team Black. She inquired if I knew her because she was uncertain why I followed her on social media. I explained that my company helps manage the social media for BYUB, so I followed all the contestants from my personal Instagram account. I also told her my family was rooting for Team Black! 🖤

This simple exchange led to a much bigger benefit. We talked further, she introduced me to the other contestants, and we started to receive content from the teams that had never been seen before! These exclusive behind-the-scenes snippets, delivered directly from the teams, was a huge hit with the fans of the show. It made the fans and the contestants feel more connected. And, it all happened by chance.









I ended my discussion with BYUB by sharing nuggets of gratitude from each of the contestants – and closed with a surprise… Team Black visited and shared their story live and in-person!

That’s the power of relationships. So much can be accomplished by fostering and strengthening our connections. Have you ever explored what happens when you take the time to establish a deeper relationship with the people around you? It’s empowering and refreshing. Speaking of which, Jenn and J.D. have a great message this week. Click here to check it out.

How have relationships enhanced your life?

Relationships Matter!
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2 comments on “The Power of Relationships”

  1. I loved reading this article!! I am also so glad we have had the chance to connect and become friends🖤 Relationships matter so much so why not invest all we can!! You are doing awesome work Rachel!

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