April 19, 2015

Rachel Strella

For Social Media Managers, Customer Service is Core

strella social media It's been the ongoing assumption, a joke in part, that social media professionals spend their day 'playing on Facebook.'  But, we know the truth, especially social media managers.

An average day as a social media manager is often mundane - and much less glamorous than it sounds.  The majority of our time is spent  executing  day-to-day tasks required of the job including writing content, developing strategies, and research. A big part of what we do includes fulfilling a myriad of client requests.

Here are just a few items we received from clients the past week:

  • Crop/adjust photos and headers for a LinkedIn profile
  • Revise a current post to include a different link preview on Facebook
  • Post a job opening and boost it on Facebook
  • Change a LinkedIn business profile category
  • Post a weekend event on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Review a third-party software and offer feedback
  • Adjust the copy of a LinkedIn ad
  • Submit an early report of Twitter metrics
  • Check to see what plug-ins needed updated in WordPress
  • Post an article found in a magazine

Keep in mind that none of this includes monitoring the channels and responding to the interaction - of which we often have to contact our clients and coordinate those details, as well.

On an average day, it's a sure bet that I'll get at least 100 emails - each with more work!

Yes, the days are busy. And very little of that time has anything to do with playing on Facebook!

How do you spend your day? What kinds of customer service requests do you receive?

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