May 13, 2012

Rachel Strella

“People Talk About Us,” Says Client About the Impact of Social Media

Every so often, we interview one of our management clients to ask them about their experience in social media.

Cheryl Garman

This month, we spoke with Cheryl Garman, Co-owner of Pazazzz, a unique and fabulous home décor shop located in Central PA. Be sure to check out their new location in the State Street Plaza in Lemoyne! And, of course, take a peek at Pazazzz’s Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards!

There are still many business owners who have their doubts about using social media. What is your take? 

Social media is here to stay. Everyone is using social media – it’s how busy people stay connected.

What made you decide to hire a social media manager? What qualities were you looking for? 

I don’t have the time to manage social media myself. We wanted someone with experience and who was interested in building our business using social media.

How has social media impacted your business? 

People talk about us! Also, we get to communicate to all of our own customers and their families.

How have you been able to blend traditional marketing with online marketing?  

We have social media cards in the store. The cards have a link and a QR code to our Facebook page. We also use email communication in addition to social media communication. 

Tell us about your business and your industry, your experience with social media, and your thoughts on outsourcing the efforts. 

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