September 28, 2011

Rachel Strella

3 Days and 3 Takeaways!

On Monday, I returned from Michele Scism’s second live event called Take Action Get Profits in Orlando. Michele held the first event earlier this year in Dallas, which you can read about here.

I’ve found that what Michele says is true: each time we attend an event, we learn something new because each time we are at a different place in our business.

I thought I would share my top three takeaways from this past weekend.

1)      We can do more collectively than by ourselves.

This is why mastermind groups are so successful. We really can learn more from a group with a collective interest than by ourselves.  I enjoyed an evening with Meredith Eisenberg who helped me navigate a deeper passion within my business. She brainstormed ideas with me and she offered some insights for exactly how to profit from it. These ideas are among the things I plan to implement in the coming weeks.

2)      Continually improve your business.

The most successful businesses are the ones that regularly evaluate what they are doing and learn to improve the way they do business. They focus not on just ‘in’ their business, but ‘on’ their business.

Keeping an open mind and continually reflecting on business challenges and goals help to foster continued growth.

3)      Balance your life.

I came to Orlando with my husband, Pete. Bringing him with me was fantastic, and also insightful. Those of us who are entrepreneurs really love our work, but because of this, balance is often a struggle. Pete reminds me to take time for us. I’ve found that taking this time not only improves my personal life, but it also lends perspective to my business life.

My experience in Orlando taught me to take the time to absorb every experience, good or bad, personal or business, online or offline. It’s all about growth… and taking action!

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7 comments on “3 Days and 3 Takeaways!”

  1. Those were great takeaways, Rachel, and I agreed that being able to connect with others and get insights from others is extremely helpful. Sometimes we're just too close to see everything clearly.

    In our conversation at lunch on Sunday you also shared some information that I personally found very helpful. Thank you.


  2. I would love to be a part of a mastermind group! And I totally agree with your comment about needing balance- as a small business owner you tend to never turn work "off". This year we took two vacations, one of which I had no cell service or internet, and it was wonderful! I came back refreshed and ready to tackle my business needs with a new passion.

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