Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons of Working with a Small Business vs. a Marketing Agency

13 Aug 2017

digital marketing

With Google Search, Facebook, and the myriad of other social algorithms getting smarter each day, it’s more important than ever to invest in a robust digital marketing plan. You may be wondering where to start – and you may be considering whether to hire a marketing agency or a small business.

Regardless of the digital marketing partner you hire, there are a few components to consider to get the most of your efforts. These include:

– establishing your marketing goals so you can yield a return on your investment
– identifying the top needs of your customers so your marketing partner can position your company as the solution
– determining the expectations and communication desired

Once you’ve established these parameters, now’s it time to start your search. Here are a few pros and cons of working with a small business for your digital marketing needs.

Digital Marketing with A Small Business


Direct communication. There’s a higher likelihood that your message will not be lost in translation, because you often work directly with the person who will be executing the project deliverables. At an agency, it’s common practice to communicate with an account manager who then delegates tasks to a variety of people – designers, developers, content specialists – that can muddle the interpretation of the project outcome.

Customization. Small businesses are known to tailor solutions to meet the needs of their clients, while being mindful of the marketing budget. Agencies typically have set offerings which can be costly and lack flexibility.  Agencies also tend to throw many pieces of marketing under their umbrella, thereby reducing the likelihood of effectiveness.


Limited resources. Small businesses often lack the number of staff with dedicated specialties to fulfill all clients’ marketing needs. This can limit the number of projects or scope of work desired. Agencies not only have teams with specialized skills, but they can also produce a larger volume of work.

Less scaling flexibility. As your business grows, your marketing needs will also grow. Small businesses are not often equipped to fulfill the needs of a business experiencing exponential growth.

Some folks are loyal to small businesses while others find agencies better suited to meet their needs. These are just a few things to consider as you begin your preliminary search. If you want to learn more about what a small business has to offer your company, check out our services or contact us today.

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