October 31, 2021

Rachel Strella

My Tip for How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now

stop procrastinating

Have you ever put off doing something because it was daunting? It’s likely you have. (Who hasn’t, right?!) So, you can relate to my procrastination on my most recent project —  overhauling my website services page. 

Revamping the page was challenging for three reasons: 

  1. I wanted to give our prospects a taste of our capabilities but not overwhelm them with too much information. 
  2. Social media is already so complex and misunderstood. How would I sum up exactly what we do in a way that anyone visiting the page can quickly assess if we’re the right fit? 
  3. While doing marketing for my clients comes naturally, I find it awkward to market myself and my business. 

So, I dallied. 

The Premise Behind Procrastination and How to Get Past It

“Procrastination is a sign of a perfectionist.” ~ Patrick J. Kennedy

It’s said that one reason why some people procrastinate is because they have a tendency to want things to be perfect. As someone who is a High D on the DISC assessment, a Type One on the Enneagram, and a “Stickler” Saboteur in Positive Intelligence, I agree with that observation fully! 

Knowing that I couldn’t delay the Services page revisions forever, I decided to break the project into actionable tasks:

  • Brainstorming
  • Writing
  • Eliminating
  • Reviewing
  • Rinse and repeat (if it needed additional attention)

Getting started was the hardest part. Once I had an outline of how I wanted to pursue the project, I found it easier to tackle the pieces within it. 

Piece by piece, the project came together. Now that it’s finally complete, I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Whew!

My words of advice to anyone putting off a project are: JUST START! After you’ve put some time into it — even if only 10 minutes — you’ll begin to gain momentum and get closer to what may have seemed a distant finish line before.

Over to you...Please, take a look around my new Services page and tell me what you think!

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