July 26, 2020

Rachel Strella

The Secret To Staying Abreast Of Changes Is Really No Secret At All

staying abreast of changes

A client recently informed me that he is planning a bi-monthly meeting with his managers to help them learn new skills – a lunch and learn, of sorts. He asked me if I had any recommendations for a good learning resource since our organization seems to stay abreast of trends.

I wish I could give him a universal resource that will help him to stay on top of things, but what’s worked for us is simply having a team of people with skills in different areas. And, working together.

While that answer was probably not what he was looking for, I know for us, it’s the one thing that’s kept our company alive. The ever-changing industry of social media combined with the current social climate requires a team with diverse skills. We also have several generations and a multitude of geographic locations represented by our team.

On the morning of Blackout Tuesday, I was informed by our community manager, Karen, of the event. She urged me to contact all of our clients to suggest halting their messages for the day. I may not have known until I checked social media and saw the black screens on the feed. Karen lives and operates her business in Canada, and she’s a real asset to our team, staying abreast of national and global issues.

Our creative lead, Alex, will receive a Diversity & Inclusion badge this month. This is a formal certification in diversity, equality, and inclusion that will enable our team to better navigate social issues as we respond to comments online. Alex is a senior at Pace University in New York City majoring in political science and communications.

These ladies are two examples of the variety of strengths and specialties we have on the #Strella team. I could not do this job without them. I am grateful for them – and everyone on our team! Each person brings something unique and valuable to our group.

In the book Scaling Up, Verne Harnish references Ted Leonsis, author of The Business of Happiness: 6 Secrets to Extraordinary Success in Life and Work. Harnish writes, “He notes in his book a strong correlation between happiness and the number of diverse communities in which you are active.”

I can attribute happiness and success to our team. And you should, too!

As I informed our client, I have no 'magic-bullet' resource for staying in-the-know. But, I did suggest that his managers alternate hosting the meeting so they can share resources and new ideas. In fact, he could turn the whole meeting into a group share.

Whatever industry you’re in, you’re only as good as the team around you!

How do you stay abreast of changes in your field?

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