March 5, 2017

Rachel Strella

Sharing Who You Are Is Part of The Process

I’m a big believer in showcasing the human element for the simple reason that relationships are built on trust, and most understand the importance of the know/like/trust factor.

For many people, though, it’s challenging to talk about themselves. They aren’t sure what to share without Sharingoversharing. If I can offer any advice, it’s don’t overthink it. Keep it simple, but truthful.

This was my challenge when I was recently asked to present the spotlight for my local chapter of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA). The purpose of a spotlight is to allow the group to get to know the individual members. I wasn’t sure what to say that would be even remotely interesting and I didn’t want to do anything seemingly cliché like sharing the ‘where I grew up’ or ‘what I do for fun’ type of stuff.

I turned to my blog for some guidance. That’s where I’ve written about myself – in pieces – for years. I found some posts that helped me pull together my presentation, which I titled, ‘five things you might not know about me.’

For my new and loyal readers, alike, I’m sharing them here…

I’m an introvert. I am simply a better communicator online than in person. In fact, it’s the reason why many introverts are well-suited for a role in the online world.

I have hearing loss. I suffered head trauma from a car accident in March 2000, which left me with profound loss in both ears. I’m certain this loss has further contributed to the introvert lifestyle, but it’s one more reason why I am grateful for an online career.

A mentor gave me the idea to start my business. In 2010, my mentor Maria told me that I was someone who had to run my own show. That was the best insight I received, and clearly, I took her seriously. I drafted a business plan that week and started my company alongside my day job.

I have strange tastes. I’ve seen REO Speedwagon over 15 times including a trip to the Golden Circle of the Aladdin Theatre in Las Vegas (now called the AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino) and a private taping of their High Infidelity album at SiriusXM® Radio in DC. I’m also a diehard New Kids on the Block fan. I’ll spare you the memories! My guilty pleasure is Reality TV, which I can binge watch for hours, no matter what the show.

Being a social media manager is a really un-sexy job. Despite how cool it sounds, the working in the PJs concept is way overrated. Most days, I work this way because I’m forced to. It’s often I wake up to dozens of comments that must be addressed on the networks immediately. I’m usually hunched over my computer responding to what seems like countless inquiries while handling a myriad of technical details. (If you want to see a glimpse, check out this video).

For better or for worse, these are just a few of the things that define me. It turns out, I was right. Don’t overthink it. Just share who you are.

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