August 3, 2014

Lauren Galli

Galli Gripes: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media

by Lauren Galli, Creative Director

do not post this on social mediaI have a morning ritual that includes waking up (slowly at times), grabbing a cup of hot tea, and scrolling through my cell phone to check out what happened during my sleeping hours on Facebook.  Being someone who is habitually nosey, Facebook was a wonderful invention for me.  If you’ve ever questioned if someone wants to see a picture of the inside of your oven, the answer is “yes, I do!”  However, there are a few of things that are better reserved for that photo album you pull out on girl’s night to reminisce.

  1. Bachelorette/Bachelor Party – I’m in my thirties, so I’ve been to a fair amount of bachelorette parties.  I can tell you with unwavering honesty that I don’t want photos posted from any one of those parties.   There’s a time and place to display the debauchery you ladies indulged in, but Facebook isn’t it!
  2. Graphic Public Display of Affection Pictures – No one, and I mean absolutely no one wants to see pictures of people kissing, unless they are wedding photos or engagement pictures.  So the extreme close up of you and your flavor of the week?  Not for Facebook.
  3. Your Child’s Bathroom Accomplishments – I have a niece, so I’ve seen some pictures that my sister has the decency not to post on Facebook.  Other moms, however, don’t so much have that same mindset.  I don’t believe there is a person on Facebook who is wondering what your child’s first trip to the big boy potty looked like.
  4. The Pictures of What You Drank/Ate – If you’re dining at a five-star restaurant and you want to snap a picture of your sushi that the restaurant has somehow fashioned into a swan, go for it.  Your bacon and eggs?  Not so much.

The golden rule of Facebook posting SHOULD be, if you don’t want your family/religious officiant/future child/boss to see it, don’t post it.  If you’re in doubt about whether or not to post a photo or a status update, walk away and allow your sensibility to answer the question for you.

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