January 9, 2013

Rachel Strella

Launch a Successful Facebook Promotion

by Eric Taylor

A Facebook promotion is essentially an offer to your audience in exchange for their contact information. With over a billion active users, Facebook is the perfect place for a promotion, and launching the right type of promotion can definitely bolster your brand.

A Facebook promotion offers you a low-cost way to quickly harvest a lot of information that can help you greatly increase your customer base.

What You Need to Know 


1: Examine the Rules

Before setting your goals or developing a strategy, you should review Facebook’s guidelines to ensure that your promotion complies with what the site allows. Failing to follow Facebook’s rules will render your efforts useless, especially if Facebook decides to shut down your page.

2: Find the Right App

For most promotions you’ll run via Facebook, you’re going to need a third-party app. An enterprise app can ensure that your methods for contact collection fall with the guidelines, but they also help make the setup and implementation process much easier. Wildfire is a good one to check out, but there are others you may find helpful as well.

3: Think About what You’re Offering

What are you willing to give away to motivate your audience to provide their contact information? Even if you’re only launching a promotion to get your brand recognized on a larger scale, you still need something to sweeten the pot so that you stand out from the competition. Think about legitimate prize drawings as an option. The prize you’re giving away should be worth someone’s time.

4: Target Your Market

Even if you’re conducting a free sign up for a prize drawing worth hundreds or thousands, you’ll still need to publicize your promotion. Consider social advertising to help spread the word, but also encourage sharing amongst your established fans and other contacts. Also, don’t be afraid to go old-school with your Internet marketing via press releases and article directories.

5: Put the Information to Use

You can utilize the contact information in many ways. Using third-party ad-management apps and features on Facebook like Custom Audiences, you can separate your contacts into specific groups and market to them individually. With the advanced features literally at your fingertips, nothing from your promotion should go to waste.

Eric Taylor is social media enthusiast, freelance writer and business developer for a Facebook ad campaign tool – Qwaya. The company concentrates on developing tools for social media marketing specifically in Facebook. Qwaya also provides extensive information about new tools and up-to-date news regarding social media marketing strategies and trends, most specifically for Facebook. Qwaya's goal is to build and create one of a kind tool with powerful features user-friendly and affordable for online advertisers and social media marketers worldwide.

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