September 2, 2012

Rachel Strella

I fear for small business owners who do not embrace social media

By Rachel

Recently, Mark Shaefer wrote a blog entitled, “How the physics of social media could kill your marketing strategy.”  He states that while the amount of available information continues to grow exponentially, our capacity to process it all remains the same. At the same time, the glut of content available on the internet and through social media is causing the audience for traditional marketing outlets to decline.

Shaefer offered three pieces of advice: continue to offer amazing content, push value-added content that is more concise (think pictures and shorter blogs), and rely on the help of others to spread your content.

I see Shaefer’s views as a wakeup call for those who are not only failing to embrace social media, but also for those who are allowing their content to become stale. It can be seen as yet another reminder to avoid becoming complacent in a marketing environment that is rapidly evolving.

For my own business, I know that I need to my keep blogs shorter and find new ways to make them relevant. I also know I need to incorporate more visual components into my content.

I’m aware of what I need to do better, but it’s obvious that I’m already playing the social media game. Imagine how difficult it will be the for the small business owner who has yet to embrace online and social media opportunities as traditional marketing outlets lose value. (In fact, our regional newspaper just announced it would be publishing print additions less frequently – from daily to three days a week starting in January).

This is a message worth repeating. Social media will continue to evolve and change. It will be easier to grow along with it, once you have established a presence. But start now. You’re behind the curve, but it’s not too late to catch up.  You must in order to stay competitive. And if you’ve already established a social media presence, be sure to continue finding new ways to make your content compelling and engaging.   Start today… it’s not going away!

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2 comments on “I fear for small business owners who do not embrace social media”

  1. To Mark's advice I'd remind any business owner, large or small, to continue making/selling good products/services, and then producing good content. Unless you are in the 'amazing content business' it won't matter if the $ stuff isn't so good.

    And you're right Rachel - this isn't going away. It's not just embracing social media either - but all things online, mobile, the web. The concepts of traditional and new media will continue to evolve and change, consumers will have more and more choices and need filters to find what they really want/need, and yes, social will continue to be a part of that some way. FWIW.

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