July 19, 2012

Rachel Strella

Inspirational Event Walks the Talk

By Amanda

Three and a half months, two days, four hours and nine hundred and sixty minutes! That is the length of time I patiently waited to go to the Inspired Women's conference in Pittsburgh, how long the conference lasted, the length of the drive to Pittsburgh and the inspirational minutes I spent learning and meeting many wonderful women.  

Jacqueline Wales and Debra Dion Krischke

I didn't know what to expect at this conference … I had only heard great things beforehand. But let's face it, everything is wonderful when you get so many magnificent women together in one place! We had a busy schedule but I was excited for every minute of it. 

To kick off the event we attended a cocktail party where all of the speakers and coaches could relax, eat fantastic food and meet or reconnect with one another. I was privy to attend this party because Rachel was a speaker and a coach for the conference. 


This is how I felt before, during and after this party. I got to chat with Andrea Fitting about her new book ‘Brand Spanking’ and learn what brand marketing is all about. She is an amazing woman, full of energy and spunk. During dinner I sat next to Sally Powers and Bonny Diver and listened to them speak about the monumental things that they have accomplished over the past ten years. Their respective non-profits lend a helping hand to women who are recovering from divorce, abuse, cancer, and more. Eating dinner with them is something that I will always cherish.

Conference Attendees on Day 2 of the Event

The conference began the following day. I learned more about brand management from Andrea Fitting during her presentation. We also had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with coaches from various fields and hear from a panel of women about the power of intent and paying it forward.  

Day two of the conference started with a rockin’ presentation by Jacqueline Wales. She spoke about fear, how it affects us in our lives and how we can become fearless!  

Charley Johnson and Nancy Runstedler

Later in the day, we heard Charley Johnson, president of the Pay it Forward movement, speak about the impact on the world if eif everyone were just a little bit nicer to others.  

Last, but definitely not least, we heard from Pam Dean about "She-fluence" and the influence that women have not only in their own lives, but the lives of so many around them.  

I left the conference feeling so inspired…like I could achieve anything that I wanted to. What resonated with me the most was what Jacqueline had to say about being responsible for our own lives and owning up to the decisions we make in our life. We need to stop focusing on the negativity in our lives and show gratitude for our blessings. Like Jacqueline says in her book, The Fearless Factor, “When you focus on the negativity in your life created by fear, anxiety and self-doubt, you neglect to see the beauty that exists.” 

What a trip full of emotions, excitement, anticipation, joy, inspiration, craziness and love. I met women on this trip who I will never forget and hope to form friendships with for years to come. 

Thanks to Deborah for organizing this amazing event and thanks to Rachel for inviting me. 

Has an event ever been so inspirational that you were bursting with joy? Share your story!

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2 comments on “Inspirational Event Walks the Talk”

  1. Amanda, it was a pleasure to meet you at the conference and I'm delighted to see how much you gained by attending. Deborah is a fantastic, fearless woman and I love her for making this event happen each year and for including me in it. Thanks for the shout out and I look forward to connecting again with you very soon. Warmly, Jacqueline

    1. Thank you! I am also glad that Deborah puts together this event every year. I am looking forward to next year. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people, which makes this event perfect. I look forward to talking with you more.

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