December 14, 2011

Rachel Strella

A Few Good People

This week, I met with an amazing person who gave me some invaluable business advice.

You know the first thing I did when I received it? I told my team. My 'team' consists of my staff, contractors, a few mentors and - my husband! Of course, their reaction to the advice was all over the map. Some agreed, some disagreed, some weighed in with new ideas... but one thing remained: they all offered insight into making a decision that will ultimately affect the business - including some of them - as well as me and my family.

I had a conversation with someone who said, "Why don't YOU just decide and tell the team what you're doing." That's warranted. I'm still the final decision-maker and it will ultimately come down to me. But, I'm building something bigger than just me. And, if I want everyone on board, I'm making them a part of the process. In fact, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would include everyone in major decisions, weigh-out the best choice, and finally decide. Some will agree. Some won't. But, we'll be better as a whole because of it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: we can do more as a team, than by ourselves. Group collaboration offers insight into things you may have never thought of. It's because of others that my business has grown to what it is today... and that it may continue to grow.

With the holidays approaching...I feel it appropriate to say THANK YOU to a few good people! You know who you are and I am grateful to have you on my team and in my life!

Do you have a team? How have they influenced your business or your life?

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3 comments on “A Few Good People”

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you! I am so glad to hear it may motivate others! I hope you have a great holiday!


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