April 24, 2011

Rachel Strella

Protecting Your Privacy on Social Media: Answers to More FAQ

It’s time for more FAQ’s about social media. I’m excited to answer these questions because they are indeed concerns I receive often. In fact, I had several requests for the first two questions in the past month. 

Our company believes Facebook is a threat to security. What should I do?

People have been worried about Facebook for some time, but honestly you’re susceptible to privacy violations on all media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and mobile devices - not just Facebook.  All of these networking channels and devices collect information about us that can be used to sell advertising. Facebook has a clear privacy policy, however due to the number of users (almost 600 million), it’s typically the cause for the most immediate concern.

Remember to follow the Facebook guidelines by using a traditional Facebook fan page rather than a creating a Facebook page as a "person" rather a business.   Facebook is disabling accounts that are used incorrectly.

More and more business people want to be friends with me on my personal Facebook account.   I would like my business connections to be separate from my personal Facebook page.  What’s the best way to deal with this without causing any alienation?

I actually receive this question at least once per week. Here's my suggestion... when you receive the notification that someone, besides a friend or family member, would like to connect with you do the following:  respond to the message by stating, "I appreciate your request to connect, however, I limit my connections on my Facebook account to friends and family. I welcome a connection on LinkedIn (and add the link) as well as my Facebook business page (and add the link). Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and I look forward to seeing you soon.” (More on this topic).

How do I remove a connection on LinkedIn? Will he or she know I removed them? 

Follow a few simple steps to remove a toxic LinkedIn connection:

  • Go to "Contacts" then "My Connections"
  • On the right-hand side (in blue), you will see two headings:  "Add Connections" and "Remove Connections”
  • Click on "Remove Connections"
  • Select the person you want to remove and click "Remove Connections" once more

He or she should not receive any type of notification. However, if this person is someone who frequently comments on your status, he or she may notice you are not “around” and put two and two together!

Do you have a question about social media? Send your question to rachel@centralpawebster.com.   All questions will be answered and some will be published, however I will make every effort to protect your privacy on the latter.

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