How to Reach Influencers on Social Media

Rachel Strella  -  Feb 23, 2014  -  , , , , ,  -  4 Comments
A unique advantage of social media is the opportunity to reach out directly to influencers and form a relationship. An influencer is a leader; someone who carries clout in an industry.  For example, Guy Kawasaki may be considered a top sales influencer or Suze Orman, a top financial influencer. Making

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Should I blog?

Rachel Strella  -  Nov 03, 2013  -  , , , ,  -  4 Comments
The past month, I’ve been “blogging about blogs” – and a central theme has been that blogging takes a considerable amount of time and effort.  Often times, businesses make the decision to begin a blog without having any sense of whether blogging is the best use of their time and

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“Going Viral” Doesn’t Make My Top 3 Content Marketing Tactics

Rachel Strella  -  Oct 27, 2013  -  , ,  -  6 Comments
I was recently asked to write a guest blog about content marketing with an emphasis on making content ‘go viral.’  However, I ended up declining simply because “going viral” isn’t a goal I commonly have, especially for my small business clients. Content that “goes viral” may be good for a

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7 Terrific Types of Blog Posts

Rachel Strella  -  Oct 20, 2013  -  , , , ,  -  No Comments
Pinpointing what to write about on your blog can be a challenge, especially for new bloggers. But there are a few effective “types” of blog posts that can really help you get the wheels turning and produce compelling content. There are certainly more types of blog posts than this list,

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How to Get People to Read Your Blog

Rachel Strella  -  Oct 13, 2013  -  , ,  -  No Comments
I’m a big believer in strong content – it’s the fundamental piece to making social media work for a business.  In fact, last week Mark Shafer eloquently debunked the 80/20 rule when promoting content (the ‘rule’ states that we should spend 80% of our time promoting content and 20% developing

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