June 21, 2020

Rachel Strella

10 Years In Business: The Top 10 Blog Posts

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This is the third post in a month-long celebration of our ten year anniversary at #Strella Social Media. In the last two weeks, I reflected on the pros and cons of being an overachiever and the importance of core values. There’s one activity that really put my business on the map… and that’s blogging every week. Today, I want to share the top 10 blog posts from the past 10 years.

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Why Blog?

I know first-hand the impact of blogging on the bottom line. Years of consistent blogging have grown the business in ways I never thought possible. In fact, 65 percent of our current monthly revenue is a result of clients who found us because of this blog.  From development to distribution, my blog content is my cornerstone. It’s been my primary lead generation tool, aside from word of mouth, for years.

My blog posts are not necessarily related to social media. While others in my industry are writing about ‘10 ways to achieve social media ROI,’ I am writing about lessons learned as a small business owner, life-changing personal events, and the importance of core values.

For the record, a post about ‘10 ways to achieve social media ROI’ is still relevant. People love lists and that’s a popular topic. But, to make a splash today, it’s necessary to offer a different perspective. We need to humanize our brand and tell a story. We must have a voice.

Consistency is also important. There are days I do not feel like writing, but I will say it’s a lot easier to write about something I’m experiencing than it is to force-feed social media advice. The small wins also help to build momentum, but you have to make the commitment to do it.

The Top 10 Posts

About half of the top posts are about social media, in some form. The other half share very personal stories, small business lessons, and legal snafu’s, and insight into our company culture – from our core values to an internship experience from one of our team members. This variety is helpful, especially on the days when I am struggling with something or just want to share a story. I’ve found that I don’t have to have all of the answers – I just need to be me. My readers take the journey with me.

Here are the top ten…

#1. The Accident That Changed My Life Forever. Click here to read.

#2. What the Heck Is Up With LinkedIn Hashtags? Click here to read.

#3. How Long Should A Blog Post Be? Click here to read.

#4. Pixsy’s “Unauthorized Use” Claim Would “Break the Internet.” Click here to read.

#5. Social Media Internship: A Learning Experience For All. Click here to read.

#6. Overcoming Obstacles: Reflecting on The 20-Year Anniversary of The Accident That Changed My Life Forever. Click here to read.

#7. Galli Gripes: #Stop #Overusing #Hashtags. Click here to read.

#8. Social Media and Sandals Montego Bay. Click here to read.

#9. 10 Social Media Pet Peeves That Can Squash Your Professional Reputation. Click here to read.

#10. How to Keep Up with the Constant Changes in Social Media. Click here to read.

Thank you for being a part of my blog community and celebrating ten years with us! Stay tuned for the last post in the series… a final reflection on this milestone.

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