December 18, 2019

Rachel Strella

The Top 3 Blog Posts of the Year

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It never ceases to amaze me what garners the attention of an audience. I learn something new every day, every week and every year! And, as I always say, this year is no exception!

Here are the top blog posts of the year followed by why I believe they resonated with readers. It may be helpful as you develop your topics for 2020.

#3. Top 5 Social Media No-No’s

People are curious creatures. They like to know what they are doing right, but they especially like to know what they are doing wrong. I’ve found that posts sharing social media mistakes are highly read as many want to assure they are not making those mistakes.

#2. Pixsy’s “Unauthorized Use” Claim Would “Break the Internet”

Getty Images and Pixsy are among the top patent trolls. They invoke fear of copyright infringement to extort unsuspecting small businesses. This post was heavily shared by my readers – especially within the legal community.  It also ranks high in search results as other businesses experience their wrath and evaluate the validity of their claims.

#1. Social Media and Sandals Montego Bay

After returning from my annual vacation in Montego Bay Jamaica, I had a refreshed perspective on the relationship between my company and Sandals. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they emulate our values.  I also discovered that a lot of people are curious about the destination, so my post was a way to share my experience and also tie it back to my company. The headline included keywords that I was hoping would be found in search. Fortunately, I was right. (Although, I do not recommend this as an end-all-be-all strategy)!

I encourage you to review your analytics and see what’s popular with your audience! I also invite you to share those results here!

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