June 23, 2024

Jessica Boozel

The Influencers You Love Are Lying to You


Warning: If there is any influencer you absolutely love, you may reconsider your feelings for them after reading this.

Think of your favorite influencer or content creator right now. What does their content look like? Do they show a lot of their life online? Do you think they’re being entirely truthful about what their life is really like?

TikTok’s Impact on (Obsessive) Human Nature 

I have never been the type of person to fangirl over a famous person because I find it weird to be obsessed with a human you have never met. Therefore, my opinions in this post might be somewhat biased. However, although I don’t obsess, I do indulge. How can you not? 

Since 2019, TikTok has made it easy for us to want to know and invest in individuals we see online but have never met in person. The app’s algorithm is great at showing us content we perceive as personal and relatable, making us feel like we know complete strangers. Short, engaging videos give us glimpses into their daily lives, struggles, and happy moments, creating a sense of closeness. This connection feels real, even though it’s based on quick, edited clips. TikTok’s addictive feed keeps us scrolling, liking, and commenting, making us more attached to these online personalities. But that’s all they are: online personalities

I’ve noticed that when an influencer or content creator gets canceled for something, they typically say something like this in their apology video: “You only see 1% of my life.” While some may deserve to be canceled, the fact still stands that we truly only see 1% of their lives. We don’t actually know them, and we only see what they choose to share with us. 

The Illusion of Perfection

Many influencers are incredibly skilled at faking perfect lives or have become so rich that their lifestyles are entirely unrelatable. 

Relatability has become a significant trend lately, but now it feels like influencers are forcing it. They try so hard to seem relatable that it becomes obvious they are not. 

Noah Beck faced criticism after posting what was intended as a "relatable" TikTok to a trend. The trend involved users imagining what they would do if they won the lottery, using the phrase, "If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t tell anyone… but there would be signs." Beck, already wealthy from his TikTok fame, participated in the trend by showcasing a large sushi board. His followers responded with comments like "You can already afford this" and “Bro’s acting like he’s not a millionaire.”

Out-of-Touch Influencers

TikTok users have now coined the term “out of touch,” referring to influencers and content creators who are so famous that they are no longer relatable or have become tone-deaf to their audience.

Brianna LaPaglia, also known as Brianna Chickenfry, along with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy, president of Barstool Sports, recently discussed a TikTok on their podcast, "BFFs.” The video featured a young woman, frustrated with the 9-5 work life, expressing her struggle to balance work and personal time due to long commutes. In response, the influencers laughed at her concerns, dismissing them with comments like "Welcome to adulthood." LaPaglia suggested that the woman "make a better job for herself."

Their insensitive remarks sparked outrage among listeners, with one comment calling out Richards for being out of touch, noting his rise to fame through lighthearted TikTok content. The incident highlighted a disconnect between the influencers' privileged perspectives and the everyday challenges faced by their audience.

Mikayla Nogueira is another example of an out-of-touch influencer. Back in 2022, she posted a video complaining about her day and said, "I just finished work, and it’s 5:19 pm…Try being an influencer for a day." This comment upset users because it seemed like Nogueira was implying that being an influencer is a difficult job when many people view it as time-consuming but not hard. "Try being an influencer for a day" quickly became a meme mocking tone-deaf influencers. The meme is still used today, two years after the incident, showing the lasting impact of Nogueira’s statement.

These examples reveal the influencers’ lack of understanding and empathy for their audiences’ daily challenges. It’s easy to see why people might begin to feel disenchanted with these figures.

The Calculated Nature of Content

Nothing is posted by accident. Influencers are masters of clickbait and rage bait, carefully crafting content designed to maximize engagement. They know that controversy and sensationalism drive clicks and views.

Clickbait is when influencers use catchy or exaggerated headlines to grab your attention and make you click on their content. It usually promises something amazing or shocking that doesn’t turn out to be as exciting as expected.

Rage bait: This content is meant to make you angry or upset, so you’ll comment, share, or argue about it. It often focuses on controversial topics or opinions that stir strong emotions.

Influencers/content creators are strategic and plan their posts carefully to get the most reactions. They use clickbait titles, say things that might make you mad, or stage moments that look spontaneous but are actually planned. This keeps you watching and interacting with their content, which helps them stay popular and attract brands who want to reach their audience.


The next time you watch an influencer’s content, remember that you only see a tiny fraction of their life. Much of what you see is a carefully constructed image designed to draw you in and keep you hooked. Influencers may seem relatable or genuine, but often, their content is anything but accidental. Stay critical, stay aware, and always remember that what you see online is rarely the full picture.

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