December 10, 2023

Rachel Strella

Stories Close to the Heart Reign as #Strella’s Top 3 Blog Posts of 2023


As 2023 nears its conclusion, it’s time to look at what topics and themes resonated with our blog readers. This past year was tumultuous (to say the least!), but despite its twists and turns, one constant remains: my readers prefer the personal narratives I share over articles focused on social media. From my transformative kitchen renovation journey to my sun-soaked travel excursion in Montego Bay to the heartfelt tribute to my father-in-law, 2023 has undeniably left a mark. 

Countdown to the Content That Struck a Chord With #Strella Readers This Year

#3. A Home Remodeling Vision Becomes Reality

After months of planning and overcoming obstacles, I successfully transformed my kitchen to reflect my personal style. “The Challenges and Rewards of Home Renovations: My Kitchen Remodel Story” describes that experience. Juggling work responsibilities and renovation was stressful, but witnessing my vision come to life (complete with custom cabinets, butcher block countertops, and a charming wine rack) made it all worthwhile. Watch my video for a start-to-finish glimpse into this fulfilling journey.  

#2. Getting Away From It All

My husband and I spent some time away last winter on our sixth visit to Sandals Montego Bay, and it was our most relaxing Jamaica vacation yet. In “Discovering the Magic of Sandals Montego Bay for the 6th Time,” I describe that despite full flights and a packed resort (likely due to post-pandemic "revenge travel"), we made new friends and enjoyed the trip. #Strella’s new video editor created daily mini-videos of our time in paradise. If you need a dose of warmth and fun, check them out — they’re available at the end of the post.

#1. Homage to a Heroic Loved One

Honoring the Legacy of a Humble Hero: A Tribute to Ed Smeal” is a heartfelt message to celebrate my late father-in-law Ed Smeal. Despite Ed's reluctance to attract attention, his extraordinary kindness defined him and drew people to him. He instinctively helped others without seeking recognition; he believed in doing good for its own sake. Ed's love for family, symbolized by his nickname "Mother Hen," was unwavering. His unexpected passing reinforces the rarity of individuals like him. 

The Enduring Frontrunner of All Time

I would be remiss not to mention the post that continues to drive the most traffic to my site. Pixsy’s “Unauthorized Use” Claim Would “Break the Internet,” an article published in 2019, continues to get hundreds of new hits each week. It discusses how malevolent trolls use frivolous claims of copyright infringement to extort hard-earned money from small business owners. 

If you enjoy that one, you’ll want to read my recent article about the new copyright troll in town!

What to Expect in 2024

Our blog now features a fresh new perspective with a regular column from #Strella EVP and TikTok specialist Laney Goff! You’ll also see personal updates, as well as entrepreneurship tips and lessons learned, from me. Plus, several other #Strella team members will contribute their insight and experience. 

Together, we’ll keep you updated on the latest social media news and trends while remaining human and authentic in our approach. 

Do you have ideas about what we should discuss in the new year? Leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

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