January 15, 2023

Rachel Strella

What’s Most Important to Look for in a Social Media Company?

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We recently explored a partnership with a marketing firm. As part of their process to determine a social media company that would be a good fit, they reviewed the social media channels of prospective partners. Our contact there told us that while our social media presence was better than most, we didn’t do enough to showcase our expertise.

At first, I was caught off guard. (Similar to when I once received feedback that I didn’t have enough engagement on my Facebook page.) I had never known anyone to qualify us based on the expertise we showed on social media. However, while her feedback was surprising to me, it didn’t mean she was wrong. 

I admit we did not do enough to demonstrate our expertise. That was intentional. We don’t share a lot of work we do for our customers, mostly out of respect for their privacy. And some clients prefer not to let people know they outsource their social media. (Side note: ”Outsource” fails to convey the integral role we play in many of our clients’ business strategies.)

Overall, I believe most people follow our socials because they like what we have to say. I’ve never been one to share all of the latest social media trends in excruciating detail. That’s what Google is for. 

What I Do Best: Build Relationships on Social Media

When you come to my social media sites, you should get the feeling you know me and my team. We always strive to be real and relatable. It’s pretty simple. If you know me, you might like me…and eventually, you will trust me. 

That’s how customers have come to us. And it’s what I tell my customers every single day when I’m working with them on their social media strategies. 

We’ve acquired customers through a combination of client referrals and readers who discovered and found value in our blog posts. To be honest, the only reason we have a Facebook fan page — or any social distribution channel for that matter — is for credibility’s sake. Most prospective clients want to know that we actually have social media accounts of our own and are active on them so they can get to know us. Believe it or not, many social media companies have a minimal presence. 

As Mark Schaefer has preached for almost a decade, “the personal brand is everything.” I believe it because I live it. Customers don’t want to see the same thing they see on other company pages. In a service-based business, I am selling myself. I am selling trust. 

I Welcome Feedback!

All that said, I take every piece of constructive criticism seriously. Since I received the feedback that we don’t showcase our expertise enough, I’ve diversified my content mix on my social media channels. I still use the platforms primarily to build relationships through authenticity, a sense of community, and fun, but now there’s more content exhibiting my team’s expertise as well.

Speaking of fun, I had to share this TikTok video. It gave me a chuckle, and I think you’ll enjoy it, too! 

Your turn: What qualities are most important to you when looking for a social media company for your brand?

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