October 23, 2022

Rachel Strella

3 Tips for Building Meaningful Business Relationships

business relationships

No matter what your company does, your business’s growth depends on relationships. Unfortunately, many businesses take an approach to marketing that fails to embrace the premise that relationships are the foundational building blocks for success. At #Strella, we are laser-focused on building long-lasting relationships with our customers (and our customers’ customers). 

Building any relationship takes time and effort. After all, anything worthwhile requires work and commitment. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a solid formula for forming and strengthening business relationships. 

Infallible Ways to Attract and Keep Loyal Clients and Team Members

1. Offer Value 

Don’t reach out to someone unless you have something meaningful to offer them. That ‘something’ needs to be real and relevant, not just a compliment or flattery. True and real value. And if you want the relationship to continue, you must continue creating value.” – Dan Sullivan, Author of “Who Not How

I receive a large volume of LinkedIn spam from financial planners, alums of Penn State, and random people in the marketing industry. I cringe when I log into my account because I know I will be bombarded with meaningless connection requests and inbox messages. 

When entering into any relationship, how you show up is important. How you reach out is vital. Value is EVERYTHING — and everyone has something of value to offer. If you’re connecting with the right people, you’ll find that mutual value happens naturally. A relationship built on authenticity will last. 

2. Give It Time

“Trust isn’t what we do; it is what results from what we do.” – Richard Fagerlin

Last week, I shared a story about growth built on valued relationships, specifically citing our client, BYUtv. We have expanded our work with them using the same approach I’ve used to expand our team and its capabilities. 

The longer our team members work with us and the higher the quality of the work they perform, the more trustworthy they become — to our clients and us. That is what fuels individuals’ growth within our company. 

So many people want and expect immediate success, but that’s not how the world works. And it’s not how relationships work; they require time and nurturing. 

3. Establish Trust 

“The glue that holds business relationships together, that is trust, and this trust is purely based on integrity.” – Brian Tracy

Clearly, relationships are the foundation of trust, but I see many people who try to accelerate (or even bypass) what it takes to build real trust. Like anything else, trust must be earned. It, too, requires time and patience. 

Your Long Game Matters Most

You can’t shortcut relationship-building, but you can make changes that will immediately help you build stronger bonds with your customers and team members. Start today by making a commitment to offer authentic value, stay the course, and create a foundation of trust.

Your Turn!

What do you do to build and nurture relationships with your customers and team successfully? What challenges have you faced? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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