November 7, 2021

Rachel Strella

The Good, The Bad, and the Ongoing Journey

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I was fortunate to visit Brigham Young University Broadcasting (BYUB) in Provo, Utah last month to see our client, BYUtv. We manage the social media for BYUtv’s main brand and several of their shows, including Relative Race, Hello Sunday, and Family Rules. This was my third trip to Provo, having missed last year due to the pandemic. 

During my layover in Charlotte, North Carolina, I received a text message from my dad that my mom fell and was unresponsive. He called an ambulance, which transported her to a hospital about 45 minutes away from where they live. This year has been trying for me, personally. Since April, my mother has been hospitalized several times, and my dad once. 

As I said in my blog post in May, there’s no good time for bad things to happen. When I received the news about Mom, I was afraid for her, and I wanted to help my Dad. But, I knew the show must go on. I had a client to visit and there was no turning back. 

Moving Forward and Making the Most of the Moment

While the situation at home weighed on my mind, I did my best to push forward through the rest of the journey to our hotel late that night. The next day, I had plans to meet with my client and their team for lunch and then go to their office. I had a sinking feeling that morning. I hadn’t heard any updates on Mom’s condition, and I was nervous about the forthcoming meeting (I had seen very few clients in-person over the last 18 months). Fortunately, with some perseverance and my husband’s calming presence (he accompanied me on the trip), I was in the zone when we arrived at the lunch destination. 

We had originally booked the trip for the end of October to attend a Halloween brand party scheduled for October 28th. However, the event was canceled shortly after I purchased my costume, so I included it in the video we shared with the BYUtv team over lunch. 

Utah is an awe-inspiring, beautiful state. The mountains are gorgeous, reminiscent of a Technicolor backdrop to a classic 60s movie. While we were only there two full days, we made the most of it. A highlight of our trip was meeting the host of the show Relative Race. I’ve managed the show’s social media for four years, but this was the first time I met him in person. At night, we went out on the town, exploring the scenery and enjoying the delicious food in the area. 

We value relationships, and there’s nothing better than seeing people you work with face to face. While the situation with my family remains rocky, I am learning to live and lead through uncertainty

Until next year, Utah!

Your Turn: I know I’m not the only one who experiences the good and the not-so-good simultaneously. Share your tips on how you power through when challenges intersect with opportunities.

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