August 30, 2020

Rachel Strella

The Power of Your Personal Brand: 5 Things You Need to Be an Online Rockstar

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My last two blog posts in my "The Power of Your Personal Brand" series discussed the roles of blogging and personality in personal branding. Today, I want to kick things up a notch, broadening our focus to the five essential ingredients you need to shine like a Rockstar online.

5 Must-Haves to Be a Rockstar in Your Niche

1. A Website

Your online presence needs a central hub where prospective customers can learn more about you and what you bring to the table. And no, Facebook is not a substitute for a website. Yes, it's valuable, too. But you don't own your Facebook presence, nor do you have complete control over it. As you know, the rules and formats change on social media channels—and sometimes not favorably for users who are trying to expand their visibility. If you want your company to get found then you need to get help from trusted SEO services.

However, with your own website, you call the shots! Make your website (and blog) the core of your content efforts. You can then promote your content on any channel you want while ensuring it will remain intact even as social media channels come, go, and change.

For best results and maximum impact, consider having a professional create your website. Websites that are well-built and set up according to best SEO practices deliver significantly more personal branding bang for the bucks invested in them.

2. An Active Social Media Presence

While your website will serve as the central location for people to get the full scope of who you are and what you do, social media is essential for extending your personal brand’s reach. The more consistent you are in posting content on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the more exposure you’ll get and engagement with your audience you’ll achieve.

The #Strella team can help you get started from square one if you don’t presently use social media. However, if you’ve already begun to cultivate a following, you have a head start toward becoming an online Rockstar. My team can use the data from your channels to see what has resonated with your audience and determine which platforms will yield the best results for your niche.

3. A Blog

Mark Schaefer, in a past blog post, shared how people need to generate “rich content” if they want to be seen as authorities in their areas of expertise.

“To have the opportunity for real authority on the web and vast reach, you need a certain type of content that has depth and breadth. Every organization active on the social web needs at least one source of “rich content:”

A blog.

A podcast.

A video series.

… and in some cases visual content like photography (certainly an organization like National Geographic would agree!”

As I explained in my recent blog post, a blog allows you to share your expertise and authentic voice. It gives you a way to showcase your knowledge and build trust. Every time you post blog content, you gain the opportunity to reinforce your reputation as a subject matter expert.

I’m a prime example of how consistent blogging pays off. Four of #Strella Social Media’s top five clients found our business because of this blog.

4. A Desire to Stand Out in Your Niche

To be a Rockstar, you need something unique to offer. Your authentic voice and specialized expertise are why people will follow and look to you—not the other gal or guy—for reliable information and insight. To quote marketing and branding expert Mark Schaefer again, “You have to be clear about what you want to be known for. This is harder than it sounds. You have to be able to complete this sentence: ‘Only I …’”

Your authentic voice will be your differentiator. Embrace it and use it to your personal branding advantage.

5. A Willingness to Invest the Time

No one becomes famous overnight. Becoming a Rockstar requires the right qualities, the right collaborations, and time. It requires dedication to the process and prioritization of long-term benefits over short-term gains. While my #Strella team does the heavy lifting for our Rockstar program clients, I tell prospects that they should be ready to invest at least 18 months and commit no less than two to three hours each month personally.

I’ve often said that we live in a “magic pill” society. Anyone who has a magic-pill mindset will struggle with personal branding. To be a Rockstar, you need to put forth the effort, have a sound strategy, and have patience as your online presence builds momentum.

Wanna Be a Rockstar?

We’re here to help you become well-known in your niche. Whether you have all of the essential elements I mentioned in this post or are missing a few, #Strella will work with you to get your personal brand positioned for Rockstar status. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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2 comments on “The Power of Your Personal Brand: 5 Things You Need to Be an Online Rockstar”

  1. Rachel: I am not a rockstar, but I have interviewed (rock)stars on my podcast! Have you listened to my conversation with Rozalla? It is an fun story how we got connected, thanks to having an "active social media presence." I am striving to be a new media essentialist in the future, according to the thoughts in Greg McKeown's book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, and Cal Newport's book, Digital Minimalism : Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. I am creating my own "system" or toolbox called B.N.P (play on the word, Gross Domestic Product in Swedish, BNP), including blogging, "newslettering", and podcasting.

    How is the Call to Action working for you? I like this question: "What monthly budget have you allocated for social media management? Be honest. We will tell you what we can do."

    Best Premises,


    1. Hi Martin!

      I LOVE the book Essentialism! It's truly life-changing! Thanks for checking out the CTA button. I don't receive many submissions, but I also don't use the button as often as I should! 🙂

      You've got the Rockstar material with your Podcast. Keep it going!


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