July 3, 2012

Rachel Strella

Independence Day Has Personal Meaning: A Look Back at Two Years of Business

By Rachel

While our nation celebrates its independence, I’m having a “career freedom” celebration of my own.  Around this time two years ago, I took a leap of faith to be my own boss and start my business.  It was the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with my readers.

To celebrate, I thought I would give you more of what you’ve loved over the past two years. The following is a list of the 10 most popular Strella Social Media blog posts since July 2010. Enjoy!

#10. Find out why Amanda gets flack for working in the social media field:

An Unexpected Turn: How My Career Plans Have Changed

#9. When you’re considered an ‘expert,’ all eyes are on you! Learn my top fears of being referred to as a social media professional:

I’m Not Perfect! My Struggles as a Social Media Professional

#8. My husband is still an “egg,” but that’s OK:

Twitter: The Social Medium for the Anti-Social

#7. For some businesses, social media professionals wear many hats. For others, the roles more defined. Where does your company fall:

Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

#6. Discover how to handle one of the greatest fears in social media:

Social Media and the Consumer: How to Handle Negative Feedback

#5. At this point in the game, I was hoping to have profound words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs. The struggle continues…

Two Years In Business: The Search for Balance Continues

#4. The classic question:

How Much Time Should I Spend on Social Media?

#3. If a classic question would trump number #3:

The Real Truth About Social Media ROI

#2. Entrepreneurs can spend in excess of 60 hours a week on work. But we’ll never regret it:

Building a Business is Time Well Spent

#1. This one speaks for itself:

The Accident That Changed My Life Forever

Are you celebrating any personal freedoms today?

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