September 1, 2019

Rachel Strella

Labor Day: The Extra Day Means So Much

Labor Day

It’s Labor Day weekend, which to most, means the unofficial end of summer and an extra day to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I love the Friday before holiday weekends. Aside from hearing Rick Astley on 101.3’s ‘Flashback Friday,’ it’s the anticipation of that extra day that means so much. Some of us – especially those who work in social media or run a business – will not have a full-day off ‘work’ for the holiday. But, we’ll take what we can get, which is quiet time to focus on project-work, lingering tasks or business planning. I’ll be working on all three this weekend. And, just as I wrote 6 years ago, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s not that I live to work; it’s that I enjoy my work. And, I am grateful when I have the time to also enjoy life outside of work. That’s what holiday weekends allow me to do.

I am not planning anything especially awesome, but I will enjoy the simple things like catching up on reading, hitting the gym, and spending quality time with my husband.

It’s the extra day that I value. Thank you, labor gods, for making this possible.

Can anyone else relate?

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