September 1, 2013

Rachel Strella

5 Signs That You’re a Small Business Owner

Small business owners are an interesting breed. And we can often peg one another in an social media for small businessinstant!  Here are five signs that you’re one of “them!”

You’re working on a holiday weekend. Labor Day? What Labor Day? If you’re reading this, in between getting some work done on a holiday– you’re not alone. I find many business owners lose comprehension of ‘normal’ business hours and often use days like today to catch up!

You are working even when you’re not working.  You know no boundaries of regular hours, and even when you’re ‘off the clock’ you’re in work mode.  This can be as simple as revisiting small details in your head (did you remember to submit payroll yesterday?) to analyzing your overall strategy. Quite often, I find myself talking about my business as my husband rolls his eyes.

You have dozens of uncompleted projects – and you’re starting more.  Small business owners don’t typically have the luxury to complete all projects in the order that they’re tasked. Nope. We’re master jugglers and we have to be. We wear a lot of hats and need to quickly transition from one to the other at a moment’s notice.

You find creative ways to transition debits to business expenses.  It’s no secret that small businesses often get the short end of the stick when tax season rolls around (What’s up with Facebook receiving a tax refund?).  We find ways to leverage the benefit of owning a business and have learned to maximize our business expenses to keep the tax man from shaking us down.  Disclaimer: If my accountant is reading this, just kidding!

You wouldn’t have it any other way! Despite the never ending to-do lists and countless hours of work, you wouldn’t trade your job for the world.  We know how to take a lick and continue to tick because we want to do things on our terms.  We love what we do – even when we don’t!

If you agree, please share this blog on your social media sites and also tell us other traits make up a small business owner!

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2 comments on “5 Signs That You’re a Small Business Owner”

  1. I felt myself saying yes, yes and yes to all of these and especially your closing sentence "We love what we do – even when we don’t! Being a small business owner is like the mother of all rollercoasters - the rides are exciting and scary and fun! And when you get off you want to be back up there again... One thing I could do with would be some more holidays! (working on that)...But like you, I wouldn't swap it for anything.


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