March 3, 2019

Rachel Strella

The Best and Worst Things about a Career in Social Media

Career in Social Media

I was recently named an influencer for Social Media Today, which was soon followed by an interview about my social media marketing journey. Like many entrepreneurs, I started my business based on a need in the marketplace. Truthfully, it’s been a rocky road, especially in an ever-changing industry. After nearly a decade, I’m just glad I’m still standing!

The interview was cathartic because it allowed me to articulate some of the things I love and some of the things I would prefer to change about working in social media.

Just this week, I encountered nearly a dozen instances of the primary challenge we experience in this field. As I said in my interview:

The biggest challenge we encounter is the lack of control on the platforms. The prominent social media sites - Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn - are all sites that are ‘rented space.’ We don’t own them as we do with a website, for example. While we are at liberty to say and do what we wish on social media sites, we do not have control over changes, limited APIs, or customer service. We are forced to play by the rules created by the social media platforms - and those rules change often and without notice. Creating a consistent and concrete plan for our customers is challenging without a better way of knowing how and when shifts will occur that can significantly affect the plan.

There are some folks who think I am some kind of Facebook whisperer that can call Zuck and fix all of the problems, but that’s not the reality. Social media professionals don’t have magic powers or inside access to the people who could alleviate our technical headaches. We are forced to play by the rules, just like anyone else. The only advantage is that we’ve done it long enough to skip the preamble and get to the bottom line – if there is a solution, we’ll find it. If there isn’t a solution, there really isn’t a solution.

There are clear advantages of working in the social media arena, however. For many, it’s the ability to work from anywhere. But, for me, that’s not all. As I said in the interview:

I do enjoy that, but I also love that it fits my personality. I like connecting people, but I’m an introvert. It’s not as easy for me to work a room as it is a chat-room! Social media has allowed me to connect with a wide range of people that I might not have connected with otherwise - and across the globe! I also have the opportunity to employ my writing skills, which has always been my passion.

There are more company owners who are introverts, in fact, more than most like to admit. I’m happy I could find a job that fits my personality as a thinker. In fact, it’s prompted a separate blog topic that I plan to cover next week. In the meantime, I invite you to take the journey with me by reading the full SMT interview.

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