November 12, 2017

Rachel Strella

Commitment to Excellence: The Details Matter

commitment to excellence

At Strella Social Media, we are passionate about our core values! Our top value, commitment to excellence, exemplifies pride in our work. It’s challenging to showcase this value, because it’s so intrinsic to our daily activities. But, let me give you an example of one of the many details that help us solidify our commitment to excellence.

When a client asks us to promote an event or make an announcement on social media… it’s important that we have a few elements in place to make this optimal.

First, we want to try to ‘tag’ or ‘mention’ the page or handle of the company or organization of origin. That can take some digging to find the website associated with the promotion and then for their social media channels.

Second, we look for any links associated with the post, so the reader can get more information.  Typically, these links are on the website for the organization, but not always. Once we find the link, ensure the link preview is optimal. If there’s no picture associated with link or if the photo is cut off (or not even associated with the link itself), we need to adjust. Why is this important? It’s been shown that posts with photos receive over 180% more views than posts without photos. And, of course, we want that photo to be representative of the post we’re referencing.

Below is a before and after post of the two items we just mentioned.


Facebook for business


business Facebook page

Third, we add information related to the post that would help the audience make a connection to our client. In short, we’re searching for the relevancy of the mention. For example, if the owner of the company is a member of the board of directors of the organization we are referencing or if someone from the company is speaking at the organization. This isn’t always relevant, but it does sometimes provide context for the audience.

For the record, I realize that these are less-than-exciting details.  Welcome to our job! It’s made up of hundreds of small pieces that seem meaningless to most, but must be done well to help our clients get closer to their goals.

Watch this video for more about our continued commitment to excellence!


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